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TeaTime Results 2024

Uk49s Teatime Results For today is announce now. You can check 49s teatime Results 2024. we update all Results on an urgent basis.
Draws take place at 12:49 pm (UK time).

Uk 49s Teatime Results Are Bellow:

Uk 49s TeaTime Result is Announce Now. We update regularly all results which are holding 17:49 PM (UK). The entire criteria for playing the game are the same as for lunchtime . We Update all results Live for our Users. And congratulations to the winners.

22 February 2024161523414516
21 February 2024191421304647
20 February 202410172130314335
19 February 2024671014374839
18 February 202411202431394710
17 February 20245131825323826
16 February 202418263032364743
15 February 2024810344041472
14 February 20248172829384033
13 February 202411202324343621
12 February 20243172028323521
11 February 202419263041424713
10 February 2024493443444710
9 February 202434816344021
8 February 20244152532444539
7 February 20243112125394026
6 February 20242131633414515
5 February 202410121427334611
4 February 20248101723303127
3 February 20246222329303920
2 February 20246182341444528
1 February 20248101842444920
31 January 20246142230394342
30 January 2024361521254629
29 January 202427112324421
28 January 20244163134414423
27 January 202411151627323846
26 January 2024921233639422
25 January 20244131522434846
24 January 202415203335373822
23 January 2024113183540446
22 January 2024231119202921
21 January 2024371429314119
20 January 20245113334444619
19 January 2024281423253717
18 January 20241174247484941
17 January 2024171324394843
16 January 202412182335373911
15 January 20245101320234036
14 January 20241720242526471
13 January 202435910233417
12 January 20241225264042433
11 January 202447192124445
10 January 20243132335394312
9 January 202431323741454715
8 January 202415284041454817
7 January 20249203032434919
6 January 202422283539404741
5 January 20242028313544461
4 January 20245111241444833
3 January 202411121835364522
2 January 202468111329463
1 January 202446819444521

Uk 49 Teatime Results Timing

Teatime Draws take place at 5:49 pm (UK time) from February to October, and 4:49 pm throughout the rest of the year.

What Time is the Teatime Draw?

UK 49’s Ltd organizes the lottery and it operates two times in a day. A user can try luck on both of them simultaneously.

Teatime Draw

Draw 2 of the day held at 17:49 PM(UK), known as UK 49s Teatime Draw.

In a single draw, balls ranging from number 1 to 49 are used for the draw. 6 numbers 1 booster or bonus ball are drawn as a result of a single draw. A 49s player can play this game through different betting shops and offices in South Africa (.za) and the rest of the world.


The United Kingdom National Lottery has been operating since November 1994, making it the best running of all the national lotteries. UK49s give players the chance to win prizes that will change their lives. After that, UK Lotto began conducting specific changes along with the addition of a lottery on Wednesdays in February 1997.

UK 49s Evening Results Prize Amount

The numbers are chosen for the 6-number draw and the winning prize is £ 7 if one of the chosen numbers matches the winning numbers, and if the same occurs in the 7-number draw, it will be £ 6. The prize is £ 54 for matching two winning numbers in Draw # 6, and £ 39 for drawing all seven numbers.

The winning prize of 3 winning numbers for winning numbers is £ 601 for the 6-digit drawing and £ 330 for the 7-digit drawing. If the 4 numbers match, the prize will be £ 7,200 in the 6-digit drawing and the winning prize will be £ 3,800 in the 7-digit drawing. Finally, the winning prize is £ 125,000 for a bet that matches 5 of the winning numbers from the 6-digit draw, and for the seven-digit draw, the winning prize is £ 40,000 if the same happens.

UK49s Teatime Results Prize

The negative aspect of this asymmetrical betting system is that a player creates a certain prize structure where symmetry is observed in odds. The prize amounts will also vary depending on the fact of how much money a player will wager on any given outcome.

The Uk49s lottery offers the odds for each of the possible outcomes ranging in between 6 to 1 for the single number to the odds of around 14000000 to 1 for winning the top prize of 7 numbers ranging from 6 to Bonus Ball.

The only variant that remains unchanged for UK49s is its odds; other than that everything can be decided by the playing party.

Tip 1. 

A full wheel has all the conceivable combinations of numbers for 49s Teatime results. This strategy gives you the best opportunity to win the jackpot and many lesser prizes. Since you’d be competing with more sets of numbers. Consumer needs to spend significant investment in applying this prediction.

Tip 2.

The abbreviated method is among the UK 49s strategy, and it falls in between the other techniques. It is optimal to its best.

Tip 3.

The key number wheeling is yet another one of the winning UK teatime result strategies. It has fewer combinations than abbreviated but can pull the same chances for the right UK 49 teatime results. You have the same odds of the 49s result if you have 113 mixes with the key number method as you do with 134 combinations with the abbreviated technique